Development of technologies

Since establishment of the company in 1991, this area of our activity is the most important, related to providing industrial enterprises with modern technologies and equipment.

There are companies that only provide services for hardening, application of coating and repair, and have their own technologies and know-how. There are also companies that simply supply good imported equipment or repaint someone else’s equipment, giving it out for their designs. In contrast, we study, design, manufacture and implement our own production equipment, try to share our knowledge, providing profit to the companies themselves.

Our practical experience is has already being applied in 42 cities of Russia to solve specific tasks to improve service life and reliability of parts, tools and accessories in different operating conditions.

We select or develop coating technologies based on the Customer’s technological requirements.

If you face a task that can be solved by surface treatment or application of special coatings, fill out the order form and send it to, and our process engineers will prepare a quotation for solving your problems.