Restoration of dimensions of worn parts

The essence

Ensuring operational technical condition of worn out and defective parts in weight up to 10 tons by restoration of their geometrical dimensions by materials with set physical and mechanical properties.

Technologies used — depending on the thickness of restoration layer, surfacing or sputtering technologies are used.

Plunger surface restoration

We offer two technologies allowing to restore the plunger — plasma surfacing and gas-flame spraying. The material for recovery and plunger restoration technology are selected based on the plunger material, operating conditions and technical documentation requirements.

Restoration of parts of polygraphic equipment

We offer performance of works on restoration of parts and technological equipment of printing and paper production by methods of surfacing and spraying. We apply special frictional and antifriction coatings on shafts, grippers and other products.

Restoration of a landing place under the bearing

We offer service of restoring bearing seat by methods of spraying or surfacing. Due to the use of wear-resistant materials, service life of restored product may exceed service life of the new shaft 2-3 times.

Restoration of food industry components

Shredded meat and bone separator is a large meat grinder used on industrial scale. It is designed to obtain meat or fish mince. In the process of separation, bones are separated from meat. Special screws working in pairs are used in the separator. Two screws of special configuration are provided in the sleeve.

Repair of dies and molds

Plasmacentre Company renders services on repair of stamps and dies by methods of spraying, surfacing, laser surfacing and plasma surfacing, and by means of electrospark alloying. Having required experience and great technological capabilities, we easily solve issues related to repair and restoration of stamps, molds, guides, dies, and other technological equipment.

Examples of works