Inert coatings for components of chromatographic systems

Plasmacentre Company has developed chemically inert coating SilcoPateks (Fig.1), applied by PACVD, which is the closest analogue of inert coatings created by the specialists of Agilent Technology, Restek, Entech Instruments, SilcoTec (Fig. 2). Inert coatings are used in analytical equipment of many world manufacturers, for example, in devices for thermal desorption of Markes International, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu and others.

Picture. 1. Components with inert coating SilcoPateks from «Plasmacentre» Ltd.

The purpose of the coating is to ensure inertness of surfaces of metal components located in the path of the samples in chromatographic processes to reduce detection limits and reliable quantification of active substances. Inertness of surfaces of the components in contact with the samples enables reaching detection limits for specified substances at the level of billion and trillions in accordance with modern analytical requirements.

The actual use of components with inert surface properties is related to:

Components of chromatographic systems with inert coating from companies


Agilent Technology


Entech Instruments