Equipment for finishing plasma hardening


Vacuumless and tubeless application of functional nanocomposite coatings up to 3 μm in thickness on parts of machines, mechanisms, equipment, technological equipment, implants and tools (wear-resistant, antifriction, temperature-resistant, tribological, dielectric, diamond-like, biocompatible, bactericidal, etc.) to increase their service life, reliability and competitiveness. FPH coatings — Pateks, SuperPateks, MultiPateks, TriboPateks, BioPateks, DLCPateks are used, for example, to increase service life of cutting tools, stamps, molds, knives, saws, dies, friction and wear parts, medical tools, biocompatible and bactericidal properties of implants, dental crowns and other products.

The essence of FPH process

It is based on chemical deposition of vapor-phase coatings consisting of products of decomposition of liquid compounds with simultaneous plasma-arc activation, both of the hardened surface and atomic and molecular flux of the deposited particles (an option of PACVD process — Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition or PECVD — Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition).