Solving complex applications in the field of surface engineering, tribology of materials and coatings, plasma technologies is impossible without research and development work. Only it ensures maximum efficiency of implementation of innovative ideas for specific practical applications. The main goal of R&D department of the company is to turn ideas into reality. In this case, individual solutions are developed to meet specific requirements, for the most difficult operating conditions of products, optimal coatings and technologies for their application are selected.

Our potential to apply coatings using numerous energy sources (flame, arc, jet, spark, beam, ultrasound, supersonic, detonation and combinations thereof) with thickness of nanometers to tens of millimeters enables us developing coatings and their compositions to meet the required technical tasks with maximum economic efficiency. The coatings we have developed are already used to manage setting, cavitation, erosion, corrosion, fretting and other types of wear. A wide range of coating processes that we have available and our engineering staff is ready to apply coatings at temperatures of 100 °C, which do not affect the properties of the substrate. We have developed and are using a special algorithm for choosing the best technologies, materials and equipment to solve issues associated with increasing service life of various products.

Our company is ready to perform the following works upon special order: