Our Conference

Since 1997, the company has been organizing and holding the most important and large-scale international scientific and practical conferences «TECHNOLOGIES OF HARDENING, APPLICATION OF COATINGS AND REPAIR: THEORY AND PRACTICE», which is attended by about 500 people every year. The main goal of the conference is to popularize introduction of modern technologies of hardening, application of coating, recovery and repair, promoting the need for new knowledge, contributing to the quality and service life of released and operated technical products. Practical orientation, possibility of finding contractors to implement the above processes, application of wear-resistant coatings on own products together with the participants is a particular feature of these conferences. The main differences from such scientific and technical conferences refer to their narrowly focused themes and the fact that not only scientists, teachers, engineers and researchers of hardening, application of coating, recovery and repair technologies attend it, but also representatives of industry — direct customers of these technologies, which come from different parts of Russia, CIS countries and former Soviet Union. It is here that direct communication between developers and direct consumers of optimal technical solutions and innovative projects takes place. These conferences in Saint Petersburg are famous for dialogue and sharing of experience.

The conferences are organized in four directions:

Traditionally, participants of the conference visit industrial sites for recovery and application of functional coatings using technologies of gas-thermal spraying, surfacing and deposition.

The conference has its own web-site — www.technoconf.ru, which lists participants, their organizations, names of reports, photo reports, reviews and other information.

For the years when conferences were held, they were attended by prominent scientists and specialists, authors of well-known monographs on the conference topics, e.g. academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences Antsiferov V.N., Chernoivanov V.I., Corresponding Members of RAS Barvinok V.A., Verkhoturov A.D. , Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Abacharaev M.M., Alkhimov A.P., Abdullin I.Sh., Balanovskiy A.E., Baldaev L.Kh., Belotserkovskiy M.A., Blinkov I.V., Bobrov G.V., Bogdanovich V.I., Burumkulov F.Kh., Butakov B.I., Vasilkov D.V., Vershina A.K., Voinov K.N., Gorlenko A.O., Dzyuba V.L., Dyurgerov N.G., Puzryakov A.F., Ivanov V.P., Ivashko V.S., Ilyasov V.V., Ilyin A.A., Ilyichev L.L., Kameneva A.L., Kashapov N.F., Kirichek A.V., Kozhuro L.M., Kozyrev V.V., Korobov Yu.S., Korotkov V.A., Korsunov K.A., Kosarev V.F., Krukovich M.G., Kuksenova L.I., Latypov R.A., Levashov E.A. ., Leontiev L.B., Lesnevskiy L.N., Lykov A.M., Lyalyakin V.P., Morozkin I.S., Mrochek Zh.A., Panteleenko F.I., Petrov V.M., Petrov S.V., Pogodaev L.I., Pogrebnyak A.D., Puzryakov A.F., Samotugin S.S., Smyslov A.M., Sorokin V.M., Sosnin N.A., Tabakov V.P., Ryzhkin A.A., Sobol O.V., Tyurin Yu.N., Sharifullin S.N., Kharlamov Yu.A., Kheifets M.L., Khmelevskaya V.B., Kholopov Yu.V., Khromov V.N., Chulkin S.G. and many others. Foreign companies working in the market for hardening and coating technologies, e.g. Wall Colmanoy Ltd (UK), Deloro Stellite GmbH (Germany), Höganäs (Sweden), Sulzer Ltd (Switzerland), MESSER Eutectic Castolin Switzerland S.A. (Switzerland), H.C.Starck GmbH & Co. KG. (Germany), Oric Italiana S.r.l. (Italy), Flame Spray Technologies BV (the Netherlands), CEMECON GmbH (Germany), SABAROS S.A. (Switzerland), etc.

Annually the company publishes materials of these conferences (in two volumes, about 1000 pages of text) distributed among the attendants, upon request, delivered to the Russian and world information and analytical center — All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI RAS) and large libraries of Russia. The total circulation of published collections is more than 3000 copies. Based on the materials of these conferences, the company compiles continuously updated electronic edition of the Encyclopedia of Hardening, Coating and Repair Technologies.

In parallel with the conference the company holds practical workshops for specialists of industrial companies on technologies of hardening, coating and repair.

Annually, more than 50 periodical scientific and technical journals provide information support of the conference.

Holding a conference and seminars enables the company’s employees being informed of the main issues of the industry, tracking trends in development of hardening, coating and repair technologies.