Professional experience is the most important thing in solving technical problems. Specialists of our company have been involved in coating and hardening technologies for more than 25 years and have about 350 publications in periodicals on this subject. We have solved practical problems with the most demanding manufacturers of defense, aviation and shipbuilding equipment. The company has extensive experience working with the automotive, metallurgical, nuclear and other industries, for whom world vision has always been offered to solve problems. If we do not know how to solve a certain task, then we apply to our colleagues and partners from the USA, Germany and Israel, who are always ready to prompt the right decision. The company’s specialists have been on the market for so long that they understand the needs of their customers.


Many specialists of the company teach at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, where you just need to keep the bar of your knowledge at the top level, communicate with scientists and colleagues from foreign universities, perform research and development work, and simply read modern scientific and technical literature. The company constantly participates in international and Russian competitions and exhibitions and has been awarded with 22 diplomas and medals. For the past 5 years, the company received 10 medals for scientific and technical development, including three in Germany, Spain and Poland.

Spacious mind

Since 1997 experts of the company annually have held conferences and practical seminars on the topics of hardening, coating and repair, due to which they have access to problems of enterprises, as well as to their solutions by colleagues from all corners of the world, including competitors. Thanks to erudition of our specialists, the company is the compiler of constantly supplemented “Encyclopedia of Hardening, Coating and Repair Technologies”.

Industry recognition

The company actively cooperates with enterprises of various industries and is recognized as a leader in the field of surface engineering, tribology of materials and coatings, plasma technologies with great practical experience. We are the immediate developers of unique technologies and equipment that we design and manufacture ourselves. We obtained 22 patents for methods and devices for plasma processing methods. Developed technologies and equipment of the company are used in 42 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Austria, Germany and USA, as well as for scientific and educational purposes in 9 universities of Russia, Mexico and the Republic of Belarus. The company is ready to provide a reference list of its technical solutions for various industries, as well as official testing of hardened products.

Our specialists

We call ourselves engineers, rather than managers. We believe that the company is more successful, the better is its team. Therefore, we spend many efforts on training our specialists. We employ engineers who have Russian and international certificates and certificates of additional training.

Wide opportunities

To solve practical problems, specialists of the company always offer a choice of alternative options, for example coating materials (almost more than 100 types) using up to 10 technological processes. Dimensions and weight of reinforced parts - without restrictions. Thickness of applied coatings is from nanometers to tens of millimeters. For your convenience, you can contact our representative offices in the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Germany, Israel and the USA.

Highest quality

The quality of products and services is the basis of philosophy of every specialist of our company. Using our own developed quality assessment methodologies, as well as international standards, we may obtain coatings and modified surfaces of the highest quality. In evaluating quality and determining physical and mechanical properties, adhesion, thickness, tribological characteristics, wear parameters, roughness, residual stresses, applied coatings, we use the best world equipment of Hysitron, Mahr, CSM, Tetra, etc. The company is certified in the quality management system as per ISO-9001: 2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011).

Confidentiality and security

In today’s hard times, we understand that our client needs security. All our company specialists have received training and signed an agreement on security and confidentiality. Solving turnkey tasks.

The company offers a full range of services in the field of coating, hardening, surface engineering, tribology materials and coatings and is ready to take responsibility for the full work from start to finish and provide customers with a full range of services at a minimum cost.


The purpose of the company: the best quality in a short time at the lowest price. With our wide range of unique technologies, we can offer alternative solutions not available to most of our competitors.