About us

History of establishment

The company was established on January 30, 1991 by scientists and specialists of the Faculty of Technology and Materials Research of Peter the Great St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Many employees of the company conduct parallel scientific and teaching activities at the university and have been engaged in the problems of applying protective coatings, hardening and welding for over 25 years.

The basic idea of establishment

Introduction of advanced technologies that enhance service life, reliability and quality of parts, tooling and tools, creation of high-quality and competitive products using resource-saving types of equipment and technologies, increasing performance of production of any industry on account of savings of the material, labor and energy costs.

The main developments of the company

Plasmacentre is the direct developer, manufacturer and patentee of methods and devices for:

Our values

  • 1991 — the year the company was founded
  • 23 diplomas and medals for the developments of the company
  • Technologies and equipment of the company are applied in 42 cities of Russia
  • 22 patents and copyright certificates
  • 1000 and more types of coatings
  • 18 organized and held international conferences
  • 89 articles published by the company for the past 3 years
  • Our equipment has been supplied to 9 universities
  • 60% of clients apply to the company by references


The activity profile of our company is related to surface engineering, tribology of materials and coatings, plasma technologies. Surface engineering combines methods and research related to changing physical and chemical properties of surface layers of materials by deforming, modifying and applying coatings.


The company commits to save material resources and protect the environment, provide an effective quality management system that meets standards and requirements of the customers. We strive to be the leading company in Russia in the field of surface engineering, tribology of materials and coatings, plasma technologies.