Performance of works on surfacing, spraying, hardening and modification Development of technologies, manufacturing and supply of equipment, materials for hardening, coating and repair Implementation of R&D for selection and development of hardening technologies and optimal coatings, attestation of coatings Holding conferences, workshops and corporate training seminars on hardening, coating and repair Marketing and information services, engineering consulting


The company’s activities are related to surface engineering, tribology of materials and coatings, plasma technologies. The company’s efforts are aimed to increase reliability, durability and competitiveness of machine parts, tools and accessories, which are used in the field of production, operation and maintenance. The company is the direct developer, manufacturer and patent holder of methods and devices for final plasma hardening, plasma-powder deposition, plasma spraying, plasma quenching and plasma welding. For these processes, the following types of equipment were developed directly with participation of the company’s specialists: UPS-301, UPNS-304, UPV-301, UPO-302, UFPU-110, UFPU-111, UFPU-112, UFPU-113, UFU-114, −115, UVPU-115, etc., the design of arc and high-frequency plasmatrons, powder and liquid metering devices for surfacing, spraying and deposition of coatings. Technologies and equipment of the company are used in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, Finland, Austria, Germany and the USA. The company, since 1997, has been holding the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Hardening, Coating and Repair Technologies: Theory and Practice» ( and publishing a collection of materials on this conference.

Since 2000, the company has compiled a constantly updated electronic edition of the Encyclopedia of Hardening, Coating, Recovery and Repair Technologies.

Finishing Plasma Hardening

The process is designed to increase service life of parts and tools by applying wear-resistant thin-film coatings based on silicon compounds using atmospheric plasma. The first patent for this method was received by the company’s specialists in 1987.

Conference «Technologies of hardening, coating and repair: theory and practice». The conference held by the company is the largest in Russia and CIS countries. It focuses on industrial technologies that may improve production efficiency and maximize cost savings.

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